The Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center brings working people together so that they can learn from one another through their organizing experiences with the intention of creating greater clarity of direction to push our organizing work. The goal of the learning center is to liberate the thinking of working people and to create a space where we can identify our struggles and build strategies to move our work beyond mere survival.  

Link to document: Questions discussed in the Learning Center, with a sum-up of conclusions drawn in 2022.

January 12, 2023
To Unite the Working Class – Decriminalize the Underclass

March 15, 2022
Does 1199SEIU’s Settlement for Home Care Workers Signal a Historic High or Historic Low in Today’s Labor and Feminist Movements?

January 23, 2022
“Zone Out” Systemic Racism: New York City’s Racialized Zoning, the Role of Nonprofits, and the Working Class’ Fight to Stop Racist Displacement

March 30, 2021
Labor’s Forgotten Fight: Reclaiming Control of Our Time
Presentations by Shirley Lung (Professor, CUNY Law) and Jamie K. McCallum (Professor, Middlebury College
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Challenging For-Profit Models in Climate Policy
Presentations by: Sean Sweeney, John Treat & Irene HongPing Shen (CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment / Trade Unions for Energy Democracy)
January 13, 2020 – Abrons Arts Center
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Schedule of classes as well as events are included here.
Aquí se detallan los horarios de clases y eventos.

Classes have been videotaped and added for you to view on our YouTube channel.


Curriculum Lead: Shirley Lung, Co-Facilitator: Kai Wen Yang

  • Chinese
  • Spanish


Curriculum Lead: Scott Carter, Co-Facilitator: Zishun Ning

  • Chinese
  • Spanish


Curriculum Lead: Ken Kimerling, Co-Facilitator: Nelson Mar

  • Chinese
  • Spanish


Curriculum Lead: Wing Lam

  • Chinese
  • Spanish
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