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As our fractured country roils in debates and the attacks against working people escalate with worsening working and living conditions: rampant wage theft, gig work, sub-contracting, intensifying work, 24-hour workdays, high inflation, impossible rents, the war in Ukraine, racist attacks and shootings, the Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center has provided a space for working people to develop a working-class perspective to address the challenges we face today. Rather than throw one’s hands up, or at the most, go to a few protests or the polls to vote, the Learning Center provides a space for working people across the country to analyze, question, debate, and learn from one another, bringing this back to their organizing work with the goal of raising working and living conditions for all workers beyond mere survival..

“From childhood to adulthood, the education we receive serves to make us more compliant, workers to serve the profit-motive of the oppressor class, not to serve our own interests asworkers. The Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers’ Learning Center has given our members, some who did not even have the opportunity to attend secondary school in their own country, to break through the divisive discourse of the mainstream media, to learn from often workers’ victories, so that we can learn how to organize and fight for ourselves.”
– Josephine Lee, El Pueblo Primero, Houston, TX

“We view “learning” as a two-way process that involves workers on the ground where creative ideas emerge in conjunction with advanced ways of thinking about these ideas. We endeavor to better grasp the conditions of our existence as workers in capitalism and the important role in our communities of organizing a conscious working class with the full blossom of our diversity at the same time recognizing our shared class interests.”
– Scott Carter, professor and organizer in Tulsa, OK

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